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Meet Justin Severino, Pittsburgh’s Sultan of Spiked Salami

Sherry-spiked saucisson, Fernet Branca–spiked salami, Cynar-spiked swordfish: with so much booze in the food, it’s hard to imagine that Cure, chef Justin Severino’s quasi-quaint charcuterie spot in Pittsburgh, started out just two years ago as a bone-dry BYOB. “We had almost no money,” Severino says of his fashionably rustic-looking restaurant’s humble roots. No, Cure’s chef-owner… Read more »

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Pittsburgh BYOBBQ: The Extra ‘B’ Doesn’t Stand for Bocce (Yet)

You don’t need a backyard to have a backyard barbecue. This once vacant lot in a gritty industrial section of Pittsburgh will do just nicely. Read more about the Bayardstown Social Club in my first dispatch for Station to Station here.