About the Author

Chris Shott is a writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Bylines include:

A Man, A Plan, A Lemon, China: The Ballad of Frank Meyer” (TASTE)

The Wild, Police-Blotter Adventures of NYC’s Pizza Nazi” (Eater)

Why Eating Your Kids’ Leftovers Is Always The Right Move” (Fatherly)

My New York Obsession: The Best Place To Wait In The City” (What Should We Do?)

He was previously an editor at Thrillist, Food Republic, Washington City Paper and New York Observer. (Check out the full work history here.)

Other obsessions include:

Coal-fired pizza. Hard-shell tacos. Crinkle-cut fries. Bloody cocktails.

Contact Chris at shottonlocation@gmail.com

[VIDEO] Watch the James Beard Award-winning chef R.J. Cooper make Chris his own special sandwich, dubbed “Shott in the Heart.” (He hated my review!)


Gettysburg Digress: What Would Honest Abe Think of D.C.’s Lincoln Restaurant” [Y&H/WCP]

Cooking the Books: Choking Down History At José Andrés’ America Eats Tavern” [Y&H/WCP]

Molecular Gastro-Economy: Two Dozen Unusual Courses at Rogue 24, One $5 Bite At A Time” [Y&H/WCP]

D.C.’s Best New Restaurant (2012): Little Serow” [WCP]


Peanuts to Artisanal Peanut Brittle: A Modern History of Baseball Stadium Food” [Food Republic]

“Green Is The New Gold: The Raw Facts On How Juicing Is Taking Over Our Lives” [Food Republic]

Non-Stop Chef: Is Mike Isabella Expanding Too Fast?” [WCP]

Food Porn: There’s Something Dirty in D.C. Restaurant Bathrooms–The Art” [WCP]


“Ale You Can Eat: Chefs Tap Into The Craft Beer Craze” [Y&H/WCP]

57 Reasons to Hate Homemade Ketchup” [Y&H/WCP]

Crueller Intentions: Are Doughnuts the New Cupcakes?” [Y&H/WCP]

Top 10 Food Trends That Must Die in 2012” [Y&H/WCP]


Game. Sauté. Match.” (My interview with the U.S. Open’s top-ranked chef) [NYO]

Forging An Identity” (Chef Marc Forgione’s legal battle with a Miami mogul) [NYO]

“Pizzeria One With Everything–Except the Health Department”  (Legendary Brooklyn pizzaiolo Dom DeMarco in trouble again) [NYO]


cover_8Non-Stop Chef: Is Mike Isabella Expanding Too Fast?” [WCP]

cover-issue899-lgThe Rabbi of Pot” [WCP]



Dog Dazed: The District grapples with ordinary weather” [WCP]


Love Bugs: Cicadas fuck like they haven’t gotten it on in 17 years” [WCP]


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