Anatomy of a Sandwich: Fast Gourmet’s $13 Chivito

ChivitoFor gas-station fare, it’s tough to beat the chivito at Fast  Gourmet, the fancy sandwich shop at Lowest Best Price Gas on 14th Street  NW. The cost of regular unleaded now exceeds $4 per gallon, but the  South American-style grinder, which earned City Paper‘s pick for  “Best Uruguayan Sandwich” in 2011, is still a flat $13 (plus tax). It’s worth the  three-gallon-plus price tag. What makes it so tasty? Well, a lot of things.  

For a diagrammed peek under the savory sammy’s bready hood, head over to WCP for the full breakdown.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery; diagram by Brooke Hatfield

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