Green Gold: Corporate Titans Are Betting Big on Cannabis Beer, Wine, and Cocktails

As marijuana legalization continues to gain more ground across North America, producers of traditional adult beverages are scrambling to get in on the action. “Cannabis is coming at us like a tidal wave,” says Blue Moon creator Keith Villa, whose new company, Colorado-based Ceria Beverages, will soon release various styles of cannabis-infused beers. “You have to prepare for it, or ignore it at your own peril.” Continue reading “Green Gold: Corporate Titans Are Betting Big on Cannabis Beer, Wine, and Cocktails”

I Survived A 10-Hour, 40-Course Italian Feast. Twice.

Since 2011, the proprietors of the rustic Italian restaurant Le Virtu in Philadelphia have hosted an extravagant day-long feast called La Panarda. We’re talking over 40 different courses, from salumi and cheeses to meatballs and pastas to offal and grilled meats, plus desserts. The whole thing lasts about 8 to 10 hours. Two years ago, I attended the feast for the first time and it nearly killed me. This year, I went back for seconds (times 40 or so). This time around, there’s a new chef at the helm and a whole bunch of new dishes. Take a look: Continue reading “I Survived A 10-Hour, 40-Course Italian Feast. Twice.”

Cicadas Are Coming! And They’re Ready For Sex

LoveBugs2The East Coast is bracing for the largest swarm of cicadas to arrive since Brood X surfaced in 2004. Time to look back at the definitive article on the impressive sexual habits of these periodical insects: “Love Bugs: Cicadas fuck like they haven’t gotten it on in 17 years“—a classic B-feature from the Washington City Paper archives, penned by yours truly. Of course, the best part of the original piece is the accompanying illustrations by the brilliant Emily Flake, which included a hilarious homage to the sexy pottery scene from the movie Ghost. Sadly, those drawings do not appear with the online version of the story today. So I have scanned and posted the dead-tree version here for posterity. Continue reading “Cicadas Are Coming! And They’re Ready For Sex”

‘A What? Globo?’ My Interview With Derek Jeter


Watch out, Equinox! New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter is partnering with the international 24-Hour Fitness chain to open three new “classy” sports clubs in Manhattan this year. What, you were expecting a Roger Clemens-run juice bar? The first will be a 28,000-square-foot facility on Fifth Avenue, conveniently located just a short guilt-ridden walk from Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Additional locations are planned for SoHo and also in Midtown, a few blocks from the pro slugger’s own $13 million pad in the Trump World Tower. The healthy and wealthy Yankees shortstop recently took a breather to talk with me about the project. Continue reading “‘A What? Globo?’ My Interview With Derek Jeter”