Battle of the Star Cars: Original ‘Batmobile’ vs. Clark Gable’s Gullwing

Batmobile 1 - Photo Credit Jana DeHartNot all winged things are exactly alike, but George Barris’s original “Batmobile” has a lot in common with Clark Gable’s 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe. Both classic cars come from the same era. Like Gable’s purdy-bird Benz, Barris’s tricked-out Lincoln Futura concept car, famously driven to points of absurdity by caped crusader Adam West in the campy ’60s TV series, carries the same model year: 1955. Both cars come loaded with star-power: one is made exclusively for Hollywood, the other is made exclusively of Hollywood. And last week both sold for millions of dollars. Here’s how the two star cars stacked up…. Continue reading “Battle of the Star Cars: Original ‘Batmobile’ vs. Clark Gable’s Gullwing”

R.I.P. Lounge 47 (2004 – 2013) : A Casualty of the War on Noise

PatioIsClosedFor bar food, it didn’t suck. Lounge 47, my favorite place in the neighborhood for a plate of wasabi deviled eggs and a lip-biting good bloody Mary, among other savory things, shuttered its doors with a raucous goodbye party on Jan. 15. Among the many toasts that bleary-eyed evening, the entire room raised its collective middle finger in the direction of the lounge’s next-door neighbor, whose longstanding and litigious spat with management over noise and other alleged nuisances ultimately resulted in the court-ordered closure of the joint’s best asset, its airy backyard garden. With revenue down and rent rising, the lounge’s owners decided to call it quits. Some scattered staffers still work in the neighborhood, though the storefront remains empty. Continue reading “R.I.P. Lounge 47 (2004 – 2013) : A Casualty of the War on Noise”